DeLorean-Picture Me Swangin RMX Video Shoot

What's good?
        Sunday the 19th was quite sunny in the Lone Star State, I went down to the Soufside and posted up at Macgregor Park for that boy Delorean's Picture Me Swangin RMX Video Shoot featuring Lil KeKe, Paul Wall and Slim Thug -production by Cory Mo. And got some exclusive behind the scenes footage of @donke713's verse. Sorry I don't have more,but I was getting my appearances  in for the other homies Delorean,Slim Thugga,and Paul Wall's verses so I didn't get much else. But you can expect an update to this post once the video is released. Directed by Dr. Tooth. Production by Cory Mo. PictureMeSwanginRMX by Delorean-          feat. Lil KeKe-Paul Wall-Slim Thug

When I Pop Trunk and the 5th Wheel drop/All the Bops/Stop/Watch,and hearts hopskotch... 

Don Keke reppin' for the H

SuperPoka Spoked Cloverland GreenLine

Tre'mendous B-Day Bash:Luxe Life of a Libra

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Everyone gets in FREE (till 11:30pm) on my bday guest list inbox me or text me names to make sure you're on my list!

( RSVP with me for NO COVER )

Men: Must wear a collar, No TShirts, Hats, BasketBall shoes or shorts
Women: Cocktail dresses are perfered, Must wear hells, No flats

$5 u-call it premium drinks till 11pm

                     -Luxe Life of a Libra-

Bday Bash for Recording Artist Tre'mendous, Nightlife Architect Joseph Wills, Celebrity Stylist Phillip, BJ Kemp & Global Philanthropist Hannah McCon
ELAN @ Dekan
4500 Washington Ave

832-800-3566 call for more info

Allow me to reintroduce myself......

   What it do,
   They call me Trizzay, but I go by Tre'mendous. I produce,write,and perform. Been doing this since the 5th grade D.A.R.E. program that I wrote 3 verses for my childhood friends Otis and Damion to memorize and perform along with me at Spring Branch elementary. (Special S/O to Carlos who played drums for us that day).
   So, yeah-it's been a long time coming. And it should be apparent by now that this is something that I live and will be doing for the remainder of my life. With or without external OR monetary support, because after all- who REALLY does things to appeal to others? Give up?Artists signed to Major Labels. Sincere (and independent) artists simply infuse the vibes of their lives into tone and sound, to an extent that listeners can't help but bear witness to the truths they speak. That's all an artist does, or has to worry about doing.
   Below are tracks that collectively make up a sneak preview into my upcoming project-titled "Grind Mode:The Proof"
  Produced entirely by myself,and if things progress along as I intend-will have NO FEATURES. This project was solely inspired by the numerous inquiries and speculations of hip-hop fans on one end of the spectrum, and the misguided but sometimes ill-intended comments and actions of industry insiders and overzealous starving artists postering as supportive peers. When passive-aggressive comments like, "it takes more than talent" and indirect threats from dead weight like " nobody can do this alone" becomes routine responses to your unwillingness to settle- something in you just clicks;It's at that exact moment that you realize you hold the all the keys and the only time things get done is when you do it for yourself. So here we go...

Got Custom Instrumentals?

What it do everybody,
    I wanted to take out the time to remind everyone that I MAKE BEATS! :-)
  You can get ready made instrumentals for your mixtape,exclusive licenses and even request custom production from my website .



Great Live Music- The Concert Pub Houston

When you're out for a night on the town or grabbing a quick bite to eat,Houston isn't quite the city brimming with spots to catch a performance or two at the restaurant of your choice. Especially outside of the Inner Loop. 
   The Concert Pub North, located at 2470 FM 1960 (near Kuykendahl) is an exception to the rule. You can not only discover great artists and bands playing music of all genres, from rhythm and blues to rock and even electonica-from the Main Stage to the BandStand,located  in The Boat; Concert Pub's Seafood Dock & Bar.
 This September on the 27th McClooneyTunes own Lew Hopson
will not only be performing two sets,but he will also be doing a CD and book signing for those lucky music lovers who just so happen to be in the vicinity that evening. 
Facebook Event Link:

We're inviting everyone out the last Saturday of September (the 27th) for a night of Live Music, Great Seafood and Bar, Pool  and Poker games with Lew Hopson and friends at 


Lew Hopson -I Remember (Official Video)

 If you wondered why I hadn't been posting in a while,well I've been quite busy with a few music projects, other than my own. One of the artists I've been fortunate to work is the formidable Lew Hopson, who approached me with a storyboard- wondering if I could help him materialize his vision for his video, 'I remember'- a tribute/ode to one of his favorite's James Brown. I told the young man, "Sure I can!" and here's the end result:

If you like the song, you should check out his album,'When you pick up the funk'  which you can find in the familiar digital outlets*:    



*The Icons are CLICKABLE

Android vs. iOS pt. 3:Conclusion

Find the first two posts at the links below:
Android vs. iOS:pt.1
Android vs. iOS:pt.2
Well,the latest version of Android has arrived,and while it was exclusive to Google's Nexus 5 for a few months- flagship devices such as the HTC One (M8) ,Galaxy  Note 3,Moto X and G are beginning to receive the latest update to 4.4 Kit-Kat. Android L (5.0) will be arriving this fall.
  Conclusion: My personal preference right now is: BOTH. I've been a supporter of the Android platform since Google's G1, and since then I have had the luck of owning the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4. (phones) The Kindle Fire HD,Nook HD, Galaxy Tab 7.0,Nexus 7,and the Hisense Sero Pro 7. And while they all were decent little gadgets in their own right,none had the same user experience. Nor did I feel as productive as I could be away from a desktop/laptop as I should have been. Then I had the opportunity to get an iPhone 4S for a low price,and I did. After a little research into the well organized App Store, I was impressed with the amount options from business to graphic design,to music production.Some apps available for iOS is in some ways more advanced than the PC/Mac platforms.But the OS as a whole feels too restrictive,even more than OSX.Hopefully when iOS 8 is released, rumors of Apple merging iOS and OSX functionality are more true than fable. Lately the Google Play Store has been catching up to those apps in the content production dept. While the vast variety of Android  devices themselves creates inconsistencies in the user experience, flagships by Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and most notably HTC has begun to match the iPhone in build quality.For most users ANDROID WILL FIT THE BILL. If you find an Android device that you appeal to,you would probably find it more than satisfactory, as Android is just as competent as iOS in CONTENT CONSUMPTION and CONTENT CREATION.